Your first visit

After being welcomed at reception, you will be asked to fill in a standard questionnaire, which asks for basic details such as name, address, date of birth etc. There are a few questions about your immediate family history and illnesses or injuries you may have suffered, in addition to current medications taken, if appropriate. This will give your chiropractor an overview of your current health situation.

Once in the treatment room, your chiropractor will review your medical history and then undertake a thorough physical, orthopaedic and neurological examination that will help in identifying the underlying cause of your complaint. Following this painless investigation, your chiropractor will provide you with a clear explanation of the findings and discuss with you what the next step should be. This may be to book in for your first treatment or if chiropractic is not suited to you, your chiropractor will refer you to the appropriate professional for further tests or alternative treatment.

Your chiropractor will always provide advice and guidance on the best ways to ease your discomfort as soon as possible.

On your first visit you will be given a rear-opening gown to wear over your underwear to enable your chiropractor to examine your spine without obstruction. If you feel uncomfortable about this, please discuss it with your chiropractor.