Patient Testimonials

“I have been visiting Atlas for the past five years, mainly because I had a prolapsed disc but then regularly for check ups.  They have helped me enormously and I recommend them to anyone who is suffering with back pain.”



“I really love the fact that Luci treats the ‘whole person’ and adapts her practice to deal with any issues, rather than sticking to a regular routine.”



“Great, always pleasant.  Couldn’t manage without my monthly appointment.”



“Very welcoming and relaxed atmosphere.  Great massage.  Feeling of well-being after treatment.”



“Very professional Chiropractors, with a vast knowledge of treatment plans, suited to getting you back up on your feet!”



“I have been going to Lucinda throughout my pregnancy to help with ongoing back pain, sciatica and joint pains.  She’s been amazing and given very good results.

I could barely walk when I first visited Lucinda.  I was in agony and after weeks of just managing and as my bump was getting better, there was no chance of things improving.  She was very experienced and confident dealing with me and I found her lovely and trustworthy.  With ongoing treatments she was able to improve and fix the back pain and sciatica.

Thanks to Lucinda I was able to stay mobile throughout my whole pregnancy.

She also looked after my newborn.  She’s now a happy little lady.”



“Firstly, I would like to thank you for giving me the relief from pain that I was unable to find. The 9 months of reduced movement and constant pain in my fingers and wrist were becoming the norm as I was unable to find any relief. Your treatment with needles was for the short time painful; but the “end justified the means” as I now have full mobility and am totally pain free.

I would recommend anyone who has been passed from one specialist to another to come to Atlas as I did and be amazed by the results. I am more than please to give this recommendation as all my family attend and are very satisfied with the wonderful service received.”

“I had been suffering discomfort in my hip joint for close to a decade believing it to be arthritis or a similar degenerative cause. As it often became more troublesome after exercise I began to restrict the amount of activity that I undertook. I was fearful of wearing out the joint and perhaps increasing the possibility of requiring a joint replacement or having reduced mobility in later life. All pretty depressing when only in your 40’s!

Purely by chance I heard of Atlas Chiropractic Clinic during a health promotion day at work and decided that it would be worth having a chat about the discomfort that I was feeling.
Luci explained very clearly what she would do. I didn’t feel pushed into a course of treatment and I wasn’t promised a miracle cure.

After the very first treatment I found that I had a very significant improvement. You know when something is exactly hitting the spot and the tightness and gnawing ache in my joint greatly reduced. I didn’t particularly expect the improvement to last, purely because in my mind something that had been troublesome for so long couldn’t be fixed so quickly. However it did and it took only a few more treatments before I found that I was suffering no symptoms at all between appointments. I have remained totally pain free for 17 months now.

I have no idea whether or not I will at some point start to feel some discomfort again. I only know that if I do I will not automatically accept it as one of those things that you just have to put up with and perhaps needlessly adjust my lifestyle, as sometimes maybe with the right treatment from a very skilled professional, you don’t need to.”

“I have been treated by Andy since November 2013 for a very painful lower back problem and he has been wonderful. At the start I struggled to even walk and had to come downstairs backwards. The pain was awful. I had treatment twice weekly, then once a week and now going towards once every two weeks. I cannot praise Andy enough. He even saw me at a few minutes’ notice when I thought I had put my back out again.

He is brilliant, kind, mindful of my age and cares for my modesty. Thank you, Andy.”
Tina (age 70)

“Lucinda was recommended by a friend.  The treatment I have received has been 1st class.  It has helped my with the aches and pains that I get with my Parkinson’s.  I would definitely recommend her.”

Fantastic couple working wonders on my aches and pains. Thank You.



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